Simple Map Viewer

Simple, responsive and mobile enabled map viewer

Feature List

Simple Map Viewer to view your map with a list of features from a layer in this map


Allow portal users to collect data for any point layer in the portal. Only point (xy) data is supported. use this app to engage citizens to report incidents or collect data about your assets.

Simple Catalog

Show a filtered list of maps and embed this list in your pages.

Geo Task Manager

Simple task management app that allow users to assign tasks to other users based on feature layer

Geonode Map Viewer

A configurable cartoview map viewer based on geonode viewer

Charts Viewer

Charts Viewer enables you to display charts for layers data in a Cartoview Viewer map

Summary Viewer

Summarizes the numeric attributes of features in a specified operational layer that are within the visible map area. The summaries can be configured to show the sum, average, minimum and maximum of specified field values.

Time Data Viewer

Time Data Viewer enables you to display layers that have time attributes in a Cartoview Viewer map using a time slider

Maploom Viewer

MapLoom is a web mapping client based on OpenLayers 3. It provides full-featured editing capabilities for data stores in GeoServer - including PostGIS and GeoGig. For GeoGig layers, it lets you view history, and sync with other GeoGig repositories